Saturday, August 9, 2014

Working Life

Working life is like a merry-go-round.
Sometimes we enjoy the learning process,
sometimes it gets bored.
Sometimes it's annoying with tiredness,
sometimes it can be a second home with a bunch of 'homely' people.

Working life can be very tired,
that's when we are getting annoyed with tons of work.
Working life can be annoying,
that's when we are getting bored with the same daily routine.
I guess I'm still not ready to a working adult.

When you miss this working life,
that's when you start to miss the people there who are ...
willing to teach you the theory of working life,
always there to care for you,
friends as close like a family.

3 more weeks to end this internship.
 Happy because I'm going to complete this "course" soon!
Sad because I'm leaving this 'home' and going to start my fyp year. 
Urgghhh! Whatever it is, just trouble myself with a day is enough. 

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