Saturday, August 9, 2014

Working Life

Working life is like a merry-go-round.
Sometimes we enjoy the learning process,
sometimes it gets bored.
Sometimes it's annoying with tiredness,
sometimes it can be a second home with a bunch of 'homely' people.

Working life can be very tired,
that's when we are getting annoyed with tons of work.
Working life can be annoying,
that's when we are getting bored with the same daily routine.
I guess I'm still not ready to a working adult.

When you miss this working life,
that's when you start to miss the people there who are ...
willing to teach you the theory of working life,
always there to care for you,
friends as close like a family.

3 more weeks to end this internship.
 Happy because I'm going to complete this "course" soon!
Sad because I'm leaving this 'home' and going to start my fyp year. 
Urgghhh! Whatever it is, just trouble myself with a day is enough. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Goodbye 3rd year!

Done with third last finals! Yess!!! Met supervisor past Thursday, so nervous for fyp year! Don't know what to do, don't know where to start, don't know whether I can do well or not. Whatever it is, let's enjoy 2 months holiday!!

Internship coming 2 weeks. Brought back some materials for preparation. Excited and nervous! Never work for a company. Everything surrender to God! :D

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Walking through this week~

I think I'm old already. Feeling lazy and tired every time walk back home from monorail station. I just wanna go home! HOME!! T.T

Really miss mum and dad a lot, even though just met them last week. OMG feel homesick when getting older. haha. Went JB for cousin's wedding and family reunion last week. KLIA2 is so pretty and big! I'll ship Air Asia from now onwards. :D

Happy to see this "shapo" cousin finally married with a kind and lovely guy! Chinese foods for 3 days continuously without spending a cent. Finally I can get rid of burdens and responsibilities during these 3 days, although some people just nearly ruined my holiday mood. Geram-nya!!Whatever was this, still enjoyed this awesome weekend with family and relatives.

Went to home visit at Jempol N9 past Monday. I know lecturers want us to expose in this environment, but don't you think it's too much?? My poor coursemates gotta go for this 4 hours journey back and forth during study week. I don't care. Just submit a letter saying I'm going back home for settling my internship. Hmmp! Less classes now as I'm going to end this sem 2 more weeks! Which means exam's coming in June! Aduh!! This week gotta have many deadlines for assignments. The coming last week will be presentation week + my LAST visit to Jempol.

Last CF committee meeting with the 13/14 team. Phew! nearly taking over the President job for another year. Luckily our candidate willing to try it! Thank God for hearing our prayer! :)

Money has been flying away recently. Sobs. Just withdrew 100 bucks yesterday, went withdrew again just now. so sad! KL expenses so high!! Saw in New Straits Times about MPO Brilliant Brothers. Crazily went to the box office and bought the ticket. It's only 15 bucks for student price!! so happy!! 

From Bach to Tchaikovsky, the Canadian violinists are really awesome!! Too bad I was alone enjoying the show. Miss mum and cass teman me at MPO!!

So tired of my uni life now. Just thinking of GRADUATING every moment. Haish. Back to lab reports. No photos tonight. 

Till then

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Stressless Freedom Days!

Was late for post last night. So, Happy BELATED Labour Day! I bet many working adults took off for today and balik kampung. Even uni students are holiday-ing at home now!! The BEST examples from Adriana and Evelyn the Kuchingnites. Sobs. I'm sure they're enjoying those local foods with a smile ear-to-ear. 

Whatever. I'm going to have my holiday next week!! Exactly 7 days from now! Going to meet my parents and some relatives at JB next week for cousin Lily's wedding! Thinking of meeting beloved daddy mummy and enjoying in an air-con room, makes me WOOHOO now!! Time flies fast! It's will be the day soon! However dad, could you please book the air tickets tomorrow? PLEASE tomorrow!! It's so cheap now!

Back to the main spot. Finally made a date with Kelly yesterday after few months! So glad to meet her again! Gossiped and Chatted the whole day, from 11am-8pm. Meeting a close true bestie really made me stressless, meditated and healed from the ups and downs in uni. It's hard to find someone like my high school buddies here. WHY THE PEOPLE HERE ARE SO FAKE?!! T.T

Anyways, don't want to talk about others now. So I was actually missed my 10am alarm clock and woke up with a shock at 10.30am! We said that we wanted to meet earlier for Suki-ya! In the end, saw her message saying she woke up late too. LOL these 2 people. It's a public holiday! Can't blame us for oversleeping right? Haha.

Arrived Suki-ya at 11.30am. It's a super long queue!! People were actually queuing up until the end of emergency stairs! So scary. Chatted and giggled non-stop made the time fast. We actually queued until almost an hour. Nevermind once in a while. For someone is USUALLY! It's worth to wait! Finally our turn to sit down drooling over yummy foods. 

Went from Sushi as appetizer, Miso and Sukiyaki stock with vegetables, beef and lamb. No CHICKEN for a day! So sick of it. Still in love with the fishcake with cheese inside it! They have new stuffs eg beef hamburger and beef balls. Kelly taught me how to dip the raw egg with meat! It's so nice!! Too bad for dessert, they didn't serve matcha ice cream! Crying inside heart. Yam and Chocolate flavor only. The ice cream was not solid also because cepat habis with the big crowd like this. Went out after stuffing everything into our stomach, the queue was still so long! Indeed the BEST JAPANESE BUFFET IN KL!

Sushi~~ I hate that bawang goreng sushi -.-

Beef! Lamb! Miso! Sukiyaki!

This is what people usually do before walking to the counter XD

After lunch, we went window shopping around pavilion. Kelly attracted by a pair of bling-bling shoes in Tizio. We went in and looked around once. Saw the SALE signboard, and said to her "Let's go Padini after this". Yea PADINI VIRUS was ruling over me! We walked around the concept store, saw a denim sleeveless blouse at PDI. Grabbed a blue and a black each. Hehe. Walked to Padini Authentic and saw pretty dresses & shorts! Grabbed a white lace dress to try. Walked to P&CO that sells girly clothes. Saw a navy blue dress too! It's time to try on! Just then, saw a "dumpling" bag at Padini Authentic that I want it for so long!! Hmmm. 

In the end, I gave up the bag as I have a few now and it's not an emergency. It's SPECIAL SALES!! Of course I bought something for myself! Haha. I didn't want to care about money anymore. Mum promised to subsidize a bit for my incoming HTC One. Teehee. So grabbed a set of casual (black denim shirt from PDI, turquoise singlet from Seed, blue checkered shorts from Padini Authentic) and the navy blue dress I took from P&CO. Girls just have the instinct to know that appearance is an impression to everyone (excuse only). Hehe. Kelly bought that turquoise singlet and blue denim shirt too! See! We're girls! XD

There's nothing to see in pavilion anymore. Since Kelly didn't mind to walk, so we walked to KLCC. Too many people there! So squessy! I brought her to
Mulberry & Cranberry Frozen Yogurt
Avenue K. It's really my new favourite hangout mall now! Not many people, so cooling, not noisy. Introduced Kelly Snow Factory, since we're food hunters. haha. I saw this Snow Factory from eatdrinkKL blog. We bought double scoops to try on. It's so nice!! The natural fruity taste is not sweet at all! Good news there will be an outlet at pavi!!

We went to Isetan grocery market for "window shopping". We're food buddies, including Adeline since Form 4 when I started to be close with them. In the end, me and Kelly are taking up food careers now! It's so good to have a friend who has the same interest with you. Cass you're my MPO friend yea! X)

While walking in Isetan, we're thinking of what to eat for dinner. So we walked back to pavilion for Bulgogi Brothers as she's yet to try Korean cuisine. We ordered Chicken Bibimbap and Korean Seafood Pancake. Tapao the leftovers for supper due to the large portions. Rojee, one of the waiters there, took so much care towards us! Felt touched to received a love note from him while paying the bill. #awkward

Seafood Pancake

Supper of the night X)

It's truly a Labour Day spending time with her! Stay sweet with Shawn, Kelly! See yea soon!

CF today was very inspiring. The topic was "Walk In His Ways". Lilian couldn't find a guest speaker for this. It's supposed to be a talk. Thanks Lucia for the idea to invite CF seniors to share their testimonies. Yik Hui was right. Life is full of choices. You can choose to be busy, you can choose to take up challenges, you can choose to listen to God! Mark was right. Walking with Him is a blessing. Although there are many ups and downs in uni life, but walking with Him by facing those difficulties is a blessing! Jane was right too. Although she didn't share much, but I agreed with her. CF is really a place to grow spiritually, a home to be with God's children, a connection between me and God. CF is a pathway for us to not forget walking with Him at the same time busy with life. So glad that I didn't miss this CF! Been escaping few times this sem. A sudden lovely feeling that there are still seniors in CF supporting us! next year no more seniors to jaga me. huhu.

After chatting awhile with Jane, Sujian, Mark and Kian Yang, alone walking towards the monorail station. Sigh. I have to go KLCC and spend the BR1M vouchers. It should a happy thing to receive Rm250 vouchers, but Malaysia Education Department suddenly announced that the vouchers can only be used for buku akademik, jurnals, buku dan majalah ilmiah starting 1st May. *facepalm* Students are so sick of journals and reference books already, and now you want us to spend the free vouchers with these again?!! #crazy

It's the 2nd day of May, so decided to clarify this notice. I don't understand by saying "boleh beli buku fiction & non-fiction yang berilmiah". Meeehhhhh.
Chicken Chop and Salmon
What's wrong with this education system. Sigh. Before that, just realised I haven't take lunch. Lol. So went to the food court and ordered Kungfu Baked Rice. Still nice!

Luckily Kinokuniya accepts English Novels using BR1M vouchers. Phew. Walked round and round, searching for nice books to worth using 200 bucks vouchers. After putting Sophie Kinsella and Cecelia Ahern into my basket, hesitated the remaining amount should be used for Nutrition, Self-enrichment or Music? See what I bought?! hehe. I'm enough with nutrition books now. I've few books that are enough for my future use. Self-enrichment has to experience it myself. So I took the art of teaching music and read a bit. It looks interesting. I might change my mind after grad right? :)

Books of the year!

Self-enrichment with this? No one knows the future XP

I've never know that visiting a bookstore and deciding on choices would be so
Watermelon with honey jelly
exhausted. Walked to Hui Liu Shan and ordered a refreshing drink. Brought Jodi Picoult's Keeping Faith and read while waiting for the peak hour to get over.

Brought The Loaf breads back home for dinner. I still prefer Lavender though, even if the owner is Tun Mahathir.Lavender has a wide variety of breads and pastries. Maybe early in the morning, The Loaf has many nice breads. 
Sausage Roll, Lemon Cheese Bun, Triple Chocolate Doughnut


The clock is going to strike 12am soon. OMG tomorrow feels like a MONDAY for me. Going to help out a none-of-my-business intervention programme in the morning. These people ah! Ruining my saturday plan. Yeesh. Whatever it is, remember to walk with God. Hallelujah! :D

Thursday, May 1, 2014

When the TIME passed by~~

When the TIME passed by, everything will change.
When the TIME passed by, you'll forget some important things.
When the TIME passed by, some people still the same, MOST people have changed.
When the TIME passed by, life is becoming difficult.

Just remembered I have a blog after reading TypicalBen's blog! He's so cute! Can't believe He's 25 years old now! Look so boyish. Teehee.

Anyways, 4 months have passed for this 2014. Many ups and downs. Should I start from my first sem break of this 3rd year? Let's go!

A month full of Spring and Love. Maybe because it's a semester break? Or Chinese New Year? The feeling surrounded by family and friends is just indescribable! Before went back home, shopped like a shopaholic at Bukit Bintang. From KLCC-Pavillion-Farenheit88-Sg Wang, what do you am I? The FIRST thing I'll always MUST do after going back home is to contact Cherie and Rachel! 
Starbucks+Biostat = make life easier ;) *Finals*

I just love hanging out and chat with them. TRUE FRIENDS are hard to find, so cherish them! Few days before CNY, as usual, a tradition to visit house-to-house with high school friends! Woohoo! This time added few long-time-no-see classmates! So excited to meet them once a year (some)!

A month still in Spring and Love, but MORE! Dad usually loves to cook for CNY eve family reunion. And we all LOVE his cooking too! This year was bit different in terms of menu and "chef". This round bro joined dad to cook 2 dishes! So glad to see both of them chatted well again (bro is too direct towards dad sometimes). This reunion dinner we had Chinese+Western cuisine. Dad the chinese cuisine chef, and bro the western cuisine chef created a men like this: Garlic Salmon, Shrimps Fruits Salad, CNY soup I've no idea in Eng version, Lo Duck, Stew Sea Cucumber, Nyo Hiam, Steamed Fish, Broccoli Black Mushrooms, Steamed Crabs, Black Pepper Lamb. 10 dishes omg!! Delicious till bloated. Btw, I didn't have big appetite to eat a lot temporarily. Sad tim.

First time celebrated CNY with our new member in family, baby Jayden! Before 12am stroked, the people started to "pimpompiang" an hour before this year! SIAO! As usual, first day of CNY went to grandma's house. Love the chitchatting session with cousins every CNY!

Grandma & family



2nd day CNY also as usual, stayed at home, waiting people to come, shook visitors' hand, opened containers asked visitors to makan, poured soft drinks, random Q&A session with visitors (get what I mean?), waiting for Angpow, waved goodbye, tutup pintu! Haha find it funny here. 3rd day is always ST3 tradition to have visiting friends' house! Went to 8 classmates house. Kelompok pun makin besar year by year! Happy to see them differently every year. This year I get to celebrate Chap Goh Mei with family & friends! Sobs touched.

Michelle & Lippy! Thanks for the fellowship!

Kelompok visting getting bigger untill the end!

Finally the Trios are reunited! My 1st friend in 2A3 & 3A1!

After a week back for new semester, Cass came to KL for Teach For Malaysia! Teman her shopping searching for white formal blouses. So random lah her! Went to MPO from Classical to Broadway too! Wonderful!! I have a question here. Why MALAYSIA PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA MOSTLY ANGMO?! so weird. The saprono singer was awesome! George Gershwin omg! #fangirling 

The whole March was just so sad. Counted down to go home ALMOST EVERY NIGHT. Emo missing close friends. First half of this semester was busier than now! Just don't know why, felt it's hard to survive here everyday. It's a fact okay? Sobs. Tons of presentations and assignments and classes. Everyday's routine was like this: wake up-boil water-breakfast-walk to fac-classes till 1pm-lunch-2-5pm classes-walk back home-nap-shower-eat bread & fruits-chase TVB drama-assignments-check FB all the time for important notifications-sleep. WHAT A BORING ROUTINE?! My buddy ever told me that 3rd year is a busy year before heading towards fyp year. Alright. I still have to go out relax oh. It's yourself choose or not to choose to have a relaxing life though.

The only stuff I enjoyed here is CF. CF is really a place to get out from burdens and sadness. CF Family, CF Activities, FES Activities. Met Cherie Joyce at CF PROMO! Always loving the way FES give the knowledge of God. Went early dinner with them and their CF friends after ended. They're so fun! Thank God that this year's UKMKL CF improves atm. Hehe.

Blessed this month was full of blessings. :)
Went back home end of this month too. Ssshhh. Mum sponsored for me to come back and helped her. Glad that she trusted me to share her burdens to me. There's a purpose for this trip back yea. Don't think too far. Haha. This trip back was tiring man. Right after I reached Kch, dad brought me to mum's music school and that night had strings ensemble practice. Felt lost the first night as I've been "lost contact" with my violin since 3rd year started! Don't know what's the arrangement and no idea what songs to play. Luckily I could catch up easily. Yay! On the 2nd day, all of us continue to prepare and practice more. I've to continue to make the behind-the-scenes video. Didn't have any inspiration yet after received all the materials. Big problem on the 3rd day! Windows couldn't enter my user! Cry hard inside my heart! Sobsobsob. What I worried were my titik peluh, MV, songs & dramas! Luckily someone fixed for me. Whee! But all the folders still hilang after that person went off. Called him to come again the next day. The problem was that night had first and last REHEARSAL! Gotta try on my laptop for video and sound effect. Nothing for me to try loh! Made myself busy only that night. Photographer, Video Presenter, Violinist, Concert Mistress for big group strings ensemble. haish. Luckily everything was found the next day! Hallelujah! After putting some words and photos, finally got some inspiration for the video! 1 hour gao tim! Felt touched when the hall full of applause after the video. Everything ran well and better than last night's rehearsal. Sayang bit from the MC's part. Should have asked Rachel to be MC! Mum booked her for the next incoming one. Hehe.
Pricipal Mummy giving "my written speech" XP

Seeing all the teachers and students and parents put so much effort on this concert, felt glad that mum's dream is coming true almost soon! All the teachers, thanks for the hard work and continue to give more ideas and contributions to what you're doing and wanting to do now. Especially the young ones, continue to seek for more knowledge and experiences; most importantly, let the students to trust on you! Mum, no worries yea. Don't carry so many burdens on yourself. Will pray for these people. :)

Self-reward with Japanese feast after exam & biostat proposal!
Went back KL for midsem exam and stayed for 2 weeks. AP exam reminded me about BM essays during SPM time. LOL! 5 essays to write for 50 marks! This part nevermind. Don't know why my brain kept on translating my ideas to BM! BM BM!! see see!! Wrote an English for 1 question only. Aigoo. Forget about midsem exam now.

Midsem break whee!! Appreciating everyday for this week. From family to friends, My plan was full of appointments. Brought back lab reports. Lazy to touch. Nvm just enjoyed this week!

A "Japanese" on my right & a "Korean" on my left? Hmm.
First day of break, just realised that new violinist I met during concert really come to mum's place to teach violin. Mum always brags him that he's same age as me. Wooi mum! Chatted with him awhile during rehearsal that time. Felt the same as him pun. At this age stage, I guess youngsters still floating here and there, don't know what to do and what own self would like to do for the rest of life. But mum thinks he's just joking on this job. Alright I think he's still unstable. Agreed what mum said! "some people so kiang but don't know how to teach." Yea true also. Found him in FB though. Aigoo can't recognise also. People always say profile picture is fake. Give it a LIKE! I guess mum's music school has 2 leng zaiS now. Aduh these kids, ST3 kids pun. *ST3style* Saw a kid's status "Fangirling a Japanese and a Korean that night!". Walao kua zhang loh. Oklah I agreed both good-looking.Harlo they're TYPICAL CHINESE! Mum! what have you done to these kids? 

Met my 3 aunties and baby Jayden on 2nd day! Went to Richmond's place for dinner. Big appetite is back again! Ate like a barbarian and ordered mix grills. Apu. Baby Jayden grown up after 2 months! He's 5 months now! Went for a haircut with mum too. Like my hair now! Satisfied! Girls night with Rachel, Cherie, Yet Soong & Yet Mian. Girls talk at Howdy's and YongSoo ice cream.

Met Adeline, Cass & Emman for lunch the next day. When St3 meets StJ, the funny chatting session was back! Haish emman! How can you remember what happened to me and you at Mrs Wee add math tuition 4 years ago? Beh tahan. After that went badminton with Rachel and Cherie with the kids. Gave Rachel her advance birthday gift. She likes it! #happy

Back to KL again. Emo again. Seeing this lagi emo!!
Miss Dad's cooking

Discovered new church in KL!! Love St. Ignatius Church!!! The choir, the people, the ambiance, the Priest. Love everything there! So homely!! Made me think of St. Mark church.  I'll try to go there every week, even though nobody's with me. hehe. Found Sarawak Kolok Mee at the nearby kopitiam! The taste of oil used is similar to the ones at home. But still kch the best! Went Ikea too at the same day. Ikea meatballs & spring chicken for Easter Sunday!

Too many movies this month. Too many. Went movie alone for the first time as no one wants to teman me watch divergent. Tobias is so handsome!! His sexy deep voice wow!! Watch captain America with Joanne last Fri. Thumbs up! Captain America with his blue eyes and blond hair is just so hot! Went Levain for lunch after stuck in a traffic jam for 30 mins?! Ate for 20 mins (I think) and ciao to Raja Chulan for calculation class. Never know it takes 15-20 mins to walk to Raja Chulan! Tak sempat pun went to Prof Poh class. Nvm lah. Priya told prof I went out & met long-time-no-see-friend. Aigoo don't know what to do when I'll meet her for last TP class. Finally get to try Teppanyaki at Food Republic. YUMMY!!! Joanne PLEASE come KL again!! Last sun went movie again. This time with Lilian, Adriana and our Beloved VANESSA!!! She's getting feminine now! Found out that we always watch Disney or Cartoon movies together. Watched Muppets most wanted at TGV 1U. 1U I LOVE YOU!! If I've an opportunity to stay/work in KL *touch wood*, I'll prefer PJ though. NONO! Home the best!

As usual, counting down for home now. So many sad things happened suddenly this week. Sat morning gotta go help out in an intervention program. Classes packed again starting this week. This morning MNT seminar presentation, hampir pengsan in front also (WHY?!). Suddenly replaced priya as wakil pelajar to attend meeting with Prof Zit and PSP NS. She remembers me chasing the dogs away for her. Wuiseh. What lah?! Gotta help out for Intervention program at 3 kampung orang asli for 7 times including study week?!!!!! Why choose me to know this fact?! I WANNA GO HOME!!!! Don't mind being deducted marks for ponteng-ing the last 2 days though. Don't care anymore. I think I'm decreasing my passion on this pathway while walking up towards the "hill" Recently keep listening to classics and orchestras. Imagine myself performing with them. Do you think I'm insane?! I think I've found out my passion now. I love nutrition and food! But my LOVE towards music is greater now! Haish. Whatever.

Been writing this super long blog since 10.30pm 300414. It's 1.15am 010514 now! I'll end here. Happy Labour Day!! Freedom day for me!! No assignments!! No lab reports!! No study!! No stress on academics!! Going to meet Kelly for Sukiyaki *slurps*

Nitez! :D

He said, "If you listen carefully to the voice of the LORD your God and do what is right in his eyes, if you pay attention to his commands and keep all his decrees, I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am the LORD, who heals you." - Exodus 15:26


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Welcome 2014!

I know it's been a week, but I have to polish my blog here. I just had the most INCREDIBLE exam. Thank you PHARMACOLOGY for giving this meaningful day for this new year. Can't believe I'm so grateful that I didn't take pharmacy! Phewwww. Alright. Just delete all the drug names from my memory card. So, 2013 has been a wonderful year. Many memorable events happened almost every month! I'll continue my 2013 year story after my exam. Promise here! :P

There are few new year resolutions here. Hope that I can achieve. hehe.
1. Continue to keep my priorities in life.
2. Continue to grow in my christianity life.
3. Study smart!
4. Internship will be successful and hope that I can one of the excellent employer!
5. Learn more things from people and this world.
6. Next half year will be my thesis final year. Hope that everything will be alright.
7. Love my family & friends!
8. Continue to seek on what is given by God.
9. Travel around more places if got the opportunity!
10. Love myself, be good to myself, be MYSELF!

Heavenly Father, thank you for giving such a meaningful 2013. Thank you for your countless blessings. Thank you for keep on supporting me, giving me strength, knowledge & wisdom in overcoming every circumstances. Thank you for your powerful love towards me, my family & my friends. Thank you Mother Mary for always hear my prayer. Thank you Holy Spirit for taking care of me. Hope that this coming year will as great as last year. AMEN! :)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Awwwww Blog!

Dear my beloved blog,

So sorry for abandoned you for half a year! Being a 3rd year student is not east. Assignments, reports, presentations coming towards me pile by pile! So exhausted for trying hard not to stress myself. Yeah I'm doing well for this! At least I still can go enjoy  for the whole semester! From Perak to Melaka, and the last destination to Penang! That's my dream to be a backpacker traveling alone (ok, this time with a travel buddy) reading the map without knowing anything! Hehe. Week 14 is coming soon! Yay! Going back home for Christmas and New Year again! It's been 3 years continuously, it happens that my study week is to be clashed with my favourite season! Yeeessshhhh!! I won't let myself die along with books of course! That's all from me today. I'll update some throwbacks soon! :)

Your Master